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About Collective Makeup Artists in Michigan

Thank you sooo much for checking out our website and considering us for your project or event.  

I am a quirky mix of boring and reliable, yet creative and whimsical.  My passion for artistry 
was a constant thread in my life.  Making it into a job was the result of the hard work and discipline working in the corporate world for 20 years taught me.  As a result, I bring a corporate aspect to my artistry business and my clients see the benefits of that in my professionalism, punctuality, and reliability.  I am technical, creative, and organized, which allows me to service you to the best of my abilities.  

Detroit Wedding Makeup Artists in Ann Arbor Michigan - CRYSTAL DRAKE, FOUNDER

I have had the opportunity to network with and learn from veteran artists across the globe who offer me a huge support system and have helped me grow into the artist I am today. 

Paying that forward:









I am proud to be part of an elite team of talented Instructor Artists at Multimedia Makeup Academy,  where we prepare new and aspiring artists for work in the real world by not only sharing our knowledge and experience but committing to student success beyond the classroom.  


Coming soon...

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