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Personalized lessons that teach you the skills you want

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Whether you need to learn the basics or want to elevate your existing makeup skills, we can help! 

We can help you learn how to use what you have, recommend new products customized to your needs, and teach you techniques to help you look your best!

  • Do you offer airbrushing?  What is the difference between airbrushed and hand-applied makeup?
    Yes, we do offer airbrushing! This service is complimentary and we never upcharge for it. Traditional makeup is applied by hand, using a brush or sponge. It can have any number of finishes from matte to natural to fresh and dewy. Traditional makeup can be custom blended to your exact shade and offers sheer to full coverage. Airbrush makeup is applied by spraying the makeup through an airbrush gun. The makeup goes onto your skin in a pattern of tiny dots that are invisible to the naked eye, but read beautifully on camera. With airbrush makeup, you can achieve full coverage with a very thin layer of product, thus making the skin look very natural. Airbrushed makeup tends to feel lighter on the skin, but may not be suitable for all skin types.
  • Do you offer individual lashes?
    Yes! We offer custom lashes, which we create with individual clusters of lashes that are applied one by one to create the perfect lash style for your eye shape. Individuals are more comfortable to wear than strips and can look more natural. Custom lashes are always included for the bride. Attendants can add on custom lash service for a small charge.
  • What is Grooming?
    Grooming is a service that we offer for those who don't want to wear makeup, but want to look polished in photos. This service is most often performed on grooms, dads, and groomsmen, but we offer it for everyone. It's mostly skin prep: anti-shine cream, anti-redness, matte lip conditioner, and anything else that is needed. We'll react to unexpected situations like bruises, razor nicks, etc. We also offer on-site shaves and haircuts for those who are looking for a more luxury service. We'll subcontract a trusted barber to come onsite and perform these services. This service is subject to availability.
  • Is it safe to have makeup done with the COVID-19 pandemic?
    Drake Artistry Collective has a comprehensive COVID-19 plan in place. Sanitation was always at the forefront of our services before the pandemic, but now, it's been amped up even more. Check out our COVID-19 page to read all of the things we do to protect you, your guests, and our artists.
  • How long will my makeup last?  or I'm scheduled to go first, how will my makeup hold up all day?"
    As professional makeup artists, we are trained to apply your makeup using reliable, professional products and a technique that will ensure it won't break down, yet be flattering in photos as well as in person. This technique will allow your makeup to be tear, sweat, and kiss resistant. We are available for adjustments and touch ups throughout your event or we will leave you with a touch up kit to use.
  • I don't usually wear much or any makeup.  Will I look too overdone?
    We firmly believe that wedding makeup should look like you -- just a more refined, polished version of yourself -- however that looks. It can be dramatic or simple and natural. Makeup does need to be applied slightly heavier in order to read well in a photograph; however, there is always a balance that we can find.
  • I have a skin problem (allergies, sensitivities, acne, rosacea, vitiligo, a birthmark, etc.)  Can you work with my skin?"
    Yep. We have been trained to cover mild to severe skin discolorations and work with sensitive skin types. The products we will choose for you are specifically designed to work for your circumstances. If you have a specific allergy, please contact us so we can ensure your application is safe.
  • Is there a discount if I do not get airbrush, false lashes, skin prep, or a touch up kit?"
    These services are included in a basic application because they significantly affect the final result. There is no extra charge for them, therefore, not taking advantage of these services will not result in a discount. It's kind of like ordering a salad. Not getting croutons, cheese, or cucumbers on the salad doesn't make it less money -- you just get less on the salad. Make sense? :-)
  • How long does it take to apply the makeup?
    I budget 45 minutes per attendant and 1 hour per bride. Sometimes, an application can take less time, other times, it can take slightly more. I budget time like this to account for unexpected things that come up. Before your wedding, we will figure out a detailed timeline for hair and/or makeup services that will accommodate everyone on time.
  • What products do you use?
    We use products from several different cosmetic lines. Most of what we use is designed specifically for pro-artist use. We use products that we trust -- brands include: Make Up For Ever, Face Atelier, MAC, Kett Cosmetics, NARS, Inglot, Kevin Aucoin, Urban Decay, Embryolisse, Eve Pearl, OCC, and much more. If you're interested in a specific product, shoot us an email and ask me if we carry it! :-)
  • Do you travel to me or do I travel to you?
    We can do whatever is most convenient for you! Typically, for weddings, we travel to you. We bring equipment with us to accommodate almost any location you desire: hotel, church, banquet hall, salon (with permission), home, etc. we can do your makeup in a cave if you want – really, there aren't many limits except electricity and lighting.
  • Do I have to sign a contract?  Why?
    Yes, we do ask our clients to sign a contract. Contracts protect you and us. Would you want to give me your money and have nothing in writing saying that I'm obligated to show up? Nope. :-) Likewise, we need something in writing that says you want us there so you don't call the cops to report the crazy lady carrying 50lbs of makeup on your porch!
  • Is the Bridal Preview (trial) mandatory? Why?
    Very rarely will we take a bridal booking without a Bridal Preview. The reason why: without a pre-planning session, we have no idea if you'll be 100% satisfied with your look within the time we have available to us. We also don't know if you'll have a reaction to something. If you've never worn false lashes, your wedding day is not the day to try them out. Would you buy a wedding dress without trying it on before your wedding day? You want to ensure that you're happy with the makeup and hair you're wearing on your special day and the Preview is when we work all of that out. On your wedding day, it's pretty chaotic and fast-paced. There isn't time to decide if you want crisp, black winged eyeliner or smoky chocolate liner. The trial is when we set up a plan to work off of so that we can avoid unexpected hiccups. Also, your skin might not be in the best condition before your wedding date. Makeup applies differently based on how healthy your skin is. You may need time to start hydrating it, get waxed, etc., and the trial is when we identify those things. Should an unavoidable situation arise where you absolutely cannot have a Bridal Preview, we need to allot double the working time on your wedding day and thus, the cost of services will also be doubled. There is no savings in skipping the Bridal Preview.
  • How far in advance to I need to have my trial?
    Our suggestion is at least two months. This way, if you have an unexpected allergic reaction or a breakout, we have time to correct it. Also, makeup will look differently on different skin types. Airbrush makeup, especially, can accentuate dryness in neglected skin. Airbrush also makeup won't stick to that peach fuzz most of us have. The time between the trial and the wedding day allows us to correct situations like that.
  • How do I book your services?
    Complete the contact form with information about your wedding and we will email you back with our availability, set up a call, and get pricing put together for you in a customized proposal. Once you have that, you can select your services, sign a contract, pay your non-refundable retainer to hold the date, and we're officially a thing!
  • What if more people want makeup/hair on the day of my event?  Can I add them on?
    The answer is maybe. If you think there might be add ons, let us know and we'll schedule time into our timeline to possibly accommodate them, within reason. We may or may not be able to get to them based on your timeline and my schedule with other clients, that day.
  • Is there a minimum booking requirement?
    During peak season, I need to enforce a minimum for certain dates in order to remain profitable. If there are only 26 dates on which brides are getting married, we have to be strategic about how we take them. During the off-season, I'm able to be more flexible. Peak Season Minimum: $650
  • Is there a deposit?
    We require a $250 or 30% (whichever is higher) non-refundable retainer to secure your date. This retainer is deducted from your grand total on your final invoice.
  • I have a large party.  Can you accommodate us?
    Yes! We can take any size party you can think of. Try us. ;-)
  • I have to be ready REALLY early.  Can you accommodate me?
    Yup! Getting up heinously early is kind of what being a bridal artist is all about. Bookings that require us to arrive before 5am may incur an "early morning fee." Why? Our artists get paid a shift premium for early morning or late-night work. This also ensures they are reliable for early morning bookings.
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