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Why Choose Us as Your Wedding Hair + Makeup Artist?

We believe that you should choose your bridal artist based on the things that resonate with you the most.  Is it experience or high-quality products?  Do you need someone who can service multiple events and offer a comprehensive experience?  Do you need someone with a great personality to help you chase your nerves away?

Here are a few things that set us apart from a lot of other bridal specialists, if you're still on the fence:


We care about your health and safety.  It's actually a requirement to maintain our licenses with the state.  All team members, from the newest assistant to the most senior artist understand and follow infection control and disinfection protocols.   


The details are important.  They are what elevate a "good" makeup to a professional makeup.  The details also combine to create your experience with us.  Our services are detailed and well-thought-out so we minimize surprises and can re-create predictable results on your big day. 

  • We do a mini photo shoot in-studio after your Bridal Preview to ensure makeup and hair read well on camera, not just a cell-phone.

  • We prep your skin with a customized cocktail of products based on your skin type vs slapping some moisturizer on and hoping for the best. 

  • We choose products based on performance, not brand names.

  • We are extremely particular about your foundation match.  Your face and your body should look like friends. 

  • We customize false lashes for your eye shape and desired results with individual clusters.  

  • We create a customized timeline for your wedding prep and handle communicating with your bridal party, if you prefer



This is likely your first wedding, but even if it isn't, there are always unexpected hiccups that can pop up or things you don't even know that you don't know.  This is our 500th (or so) wedding, so by now, we can usually understand what you want before you can articulate it and anticipate your needs.  Our experience helps us prepare for the unexpected and it connects us to countless other vendors in the local wedding arena.  We likely have experience at your venue or with your planner or photographer.  We are established and reliable and that helps us make your day run smooth and with less stress for you!


Way back when I was a lowercase C, I went to school to learn to be a professional makeup artist.  Now, nearly 15 years later, I am a licensed esthetics instructor, teaching others to be professional makeup artists and estheticians.  All of our artists are professionally trained to work in the industry.  Almost 100% of the artists on my team were my students.  

Not only are our artists formally-trained, we continue our education.  The entire team receives training on a regular basis and individual artists regularly invest in training to further hone their skills.  


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