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Why Choose Us as your Wedding Makeup Artist?

I believe that you should choose your bridal artist based on the things that really resonate with you the most.  Here is a blog post about how to shop for a bridal artist.  If you're still on the fence, here are a few things that set us apart from other bridal artists & teams:

Attention to Detail

I'm a bit neurotic.  It's ok - I accept it.  This is why we do a professional mini-photo shoot after your trial to ensure the hair and makeup reads well in photos.  It's why I'm really picky about how your foundation matches, that we do the appropriate skin prep for you, and the style of lashes we choose for you.  The details are what elevate your makeup from good to professional.  It's what you're paying me for.

Michigan Bridal Makeup Artist

This is likely your first wedding, but even it if isn't, there are always unexpected hiccups that pop up.  This is my 400th (or so) wedding, so by now, I can usually know what you want before you know it and I can anticipate your needs based on my experience.  It helps that I know lots of other wedding vendors, too!

Photo by:  Alice Heart Photography

Michigan Wedding Makeup Artist

Way back when I was a lowercase C, I attended school to learn makeup.  After that, I kept learning and continue to learn everything I can about my craft.  I still take regular training from artists all over the globe. Now, I teach makeup to aspiring artists, which is not only fulfilling but helps me continue to learn and grow.  


Photo by:  Alyssa & Drew  





Safety & Sanitation Certifications:

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