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Real Couples

We offer customized wedding packages to suit your individual needs.  Here are some examples of custom packages we have designed for real couples!

Diane & Paul

Bridal Preview (Hair & Makeup) for 1 Bride

Bridal Hair and Makeup for 1 Bride

Hair for 2 Attendants

Hair Accessory Rental

Airbrushing & Custom Lashes

Touch Up Kit

On-Location Services

Photo by:  Megan Martini


Shama & Ajay

In-Studio Bridal Preview (Hair & Makeup)

Sangeet Hair & Makeup

Bridal Hair &Makeup for Ceremony

Airbrushing & Custom Lashes

Extension Install

Hair & Makeup for 13 Attendants

Early Service Start

Hair & Makeup Change for Reception

On-Location Services in Two Locations

1 Artist - Nine (9) Hours of Coverage

Photo by:  Rosy & Shaun


Madeline & Emma

In-Studio Bridal Preview (Hair & Makeup) for 2 Brides

Bridal Hair & Makeup for 2 Brides

Airbrushing & Custom Lashes

2 Artists for Shorter Timeline

On-Location Services

Photo by:  Abbey Moore


Lulu & Kevin

In-Studio Bridal Preview (Hair & Makeup) for 1 Bride

Airbrushing & Custom Lashes

Hair & Makeup for 2 Attendants

Grooming Service (for Groom)

Touch Up Kits

On-Location Services

Photo by:  J & N Studios


Paul & Justin

Grooming for 2 Grooms

Hair & Makeup for 5 Attendants

Sheet Masks, Eye Gels, & Lip Masks

Airbrushing & Custom Lashes

On-Location Services

2 Artists

Photo by:  A Girl In Love Photography


Christa & Brandon

In-studio Bridal Preview
On-Location Hair & Makeup for 3
Airbrushing & Custom Faux Lashes
Custom Clip-In Extensions
Four (4) Hours of Coverage
Touch Up Kit

Photo by:  Nikki Marie


Chistie & Scott

In-studio Bridal Preview
On-Location Makeup & Hair for Bride Only

Airbrushing & Custom Faux Lashes
Touch Up Kit

Photo by:  Amanda Dumouchelle


Christina & Doug


In-studio Bridal Preview

Bridal Hair & Makeup

Makeup for 2 Attendants

Airbrushing & Custom Faux Lashes

4 Hours Touch Up Service

Touch Up Kit

On-location Barbering for Groom & Groomsmen

Photo by:  Jesse Speelman


Sandra & Justin


On-location Bridal Preview

Bridal Makeup

Makeup for 3 Attendants

Sheet Mask, Eye Gels, & Lip Mask

Airbrushing & Custom Faux Lashes

Half-Sleeve Tattoo Cover

Photo by:  Jason Willis

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