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Michigan Wedding Makeup & Hair


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Beauty that looks like you

applied wherever you need us


We create authentic, customized looks that enhance your natural beauty for your big day.  We think that you and your partner (and your pets) should still recognize you in your wedding look -- like a fancier, more polished version of yourself. (Do you have pictures of your fur baby .... we're gonna need to spend the first five minutes just comparing pet photos....)

Our services are as unique as you, covering everything from grooming to bridal assistance, airbrushing, and even body and tattoo coverage. With over 15 years of bridal expertise, we're your seasoned guides through the wedding process. Is this your first rodeo? Don't worry, it's our 491st – we've got your back!

Drake Artistry Collective is proud to serve all weddings regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, or religion. 

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