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Ann Arbor Michigan Wedding Makeup by Drake Artistry Collective

Beauty that looks like you,
expertly & safely applied,
wherever you need us...

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Have you ever seen a makeup on Instagram, YouTube, or reality tv and felt a part of your soul cringe?  Me, too.  We don't do that, here.  I believe in creating authentic beauty looks for my clients based on their taste and preferences, not trends.  Your partner fell in love with you .... I'll make sure you still look like that person when you finally see each other on your wedding day and that you don't scare your pets after your Bridal Preview.  (If you have a fur baby we're gonna spend at least five minutes of your trial making each other look at each other's cute pet photos on our phones...)


We offer customized packages to fit your individual needs and offer comprehensive services you may not even have thought of yet like grooming, bridal assistance, airbrushing, and tattoo/body coverage.


I'm a bridal expert with over ten years' experience providing makeup and hair to brides.  My experience and attention to detail help me anticipate your needs and guide you through the process of your wedding.  I know it can be overwhelming. and maybe also a little intimidating because it's likely your first rodeo.  It's my 376th rodeo .... I'm here to help!

Photo By:  Nikki Marie

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